15 Delightful Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Lean, muscular and sexy bodies catch everyone’s attention then why not focus our energies getting it? Forget what others yell about, our 15 ways will tell you how to lose fat and build muscle easily.

Do you know why we constantly think? Because our brain just cannot sit idle and keeps doing something. Similarly our body does not like piling muscle mass and tries its best to keep adding weight. Our body prefers adding fat than muscles and this is the reason we have to persist in our attempts to Stay Lean.

There are hundreds of get lean practices but each one needs huge effort. Now you know why this is so and it is of no use blaming ourselves. Well, we bring you other strategies to accumulate lean muscle mass and kill body’s attempts to put on weight.

When Do Humans Grow? Babies grow in sleep, so do we but comparatively our big size hides the fact. We workout at gyms but the transformation happens only when we sleep, when there is no one around to disturb this changing process.

For all these delightful ways to work, peaceful sleep is required. It costs nothing but provides numerous benefits. Why deny yourself the goodies which even your body cherishes?

#1           Follow the smart IIFYM Diet Plan The latest meal plan known as IIFM or If It Fits Your Macros or IIFYM, is now much famous. Majority (over 80%) of your diet will come from whole foods sources that are loaded with plenty of micronutrients and the rest you can devise on your own. You keep in mind your daily calorific plan and macronutrient split (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), and then eat any food you like. You can even eat a candy if you like.

The best part is that this system to get lean muscle mass is known to be better than conventional dieting.

#2           Consume Fewer Calories Daily Muscle growth is much slower than many think. On an average a man can, at most, gain from 100 grams to 2 kg of muscles per week. The latter figure is for those who exercise on the extreme side. Obviously this is not a huge amount and you therefore not need to stuff all those extra calories. Just see that you have a slight excess of 200-400 calories in your daily calorie plan and you are good to go lean.

#3           Never Stop Running Make sure to include cardio in your exercise routine. Keeping metabolic pathways open is a necessity because in addition to helping you to burn some excess calories off for lean muscle mass, the running exercise will help your appetite to grow.

#4           Try Mini or Maxi Calorie Cuts Depending on experience you can try dropping your intake, say from 3,800 to 2,300 calories. If you are the aggressive kind you can also stoop low to 2,000 calories. When you do that, you can take advantage of the raised fat burning hormones like the leptin and T3.

The cuts are recommended to last from two to six weeks at a stretch and no more. Cuts are great as they allow you to burn off the added fat from your bulk rather quickly.

#5           Do Not Drop Your Weights When the goal is to get big and lean as possible how can you drop the weights? Keep lifting heavy weights and this sends a signal to your body that you are looking forward to build and maintain more lean mass.

The best way is to keep adding one more rep, a few kilograms or one extra set to every workout. This gradual adding also suits your body and it keeps it on toes and tries to cope with additional grooming.

#6           Compound Lifts for Overall Strength Basic compound exercises should also go on uninterrupted. The best part is these exercises work on more than one muscle group and almost every part is covered. This builds overall body strength and it will stimulate all your fiber types and release testosterone and the growth hormone naturally.

The more you tax your body the greater is the release of these hormones and in turn you benefit more.

#7           Reverse Diet Techniques Do you know how the fasting professionals end their fast? By drinking a small glass of orange juice they end the fast. Then, next day onwards, they slowly and gradually increase their intake.

Similarly if you were on a long cut, you know by the time you near your end period you are so hungry you could eat all dishes at a hotel. Instead of hurrying, it is better to slowly raise your intake. If your diet was 200 grams protein, 175 grams of carbs and 50 grams fat, which was the minimum to keep you fit. Raise the carbs by 10-12% every week so that the new values read 200g protein, 200 g carbs, and 50 g fat. This will teach your body to adjust to the new level. Your body also will get accustomed to this change and all you to try more variety in the future.

#8           Never Fall in Bingeing Trap Once you start bingeing it is difficult to stop. One helping and you crave for more. It is more damaging than you think as you can put on 5 kilos in a week. Once you put on weight, the guilt feeling creeps in and does more damage to your confidence.

It is better to stick to IIFYM plan so that you can grab a few treats here and there and still keep your body shape intact. There was a reason why we kept the plan on top of this article.

#9           The Mix and Match HIIT Training works best for Lean Muscles When you want to stay lean and get big, there is no alternative to HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. In between your training you can insert car pushes, battle ropes, barbell complexes or 400 meter sprints. This mixing of cardio can actually help you gain muscles.

The idea is to push in a variety of 15-30 seconds of high intensity tasks and then continue with your routine.

#10         Keep off Alcohol or Stick to a Minimum You know that muscles are made up of water and alcohol dehydrates our body. More of alcohol will destroy muscles that no one wants. This leads to strength reduction and ultimately your exercise levels fall. This means no gaining of lean muscles.

Further, alcohol has 7 calories per gram and too much of it means addition of fat which you won’t like. Other alcoholic beverages have more carbs and sugars which are more damaging. So you are better keeping off alcohol and if you cannot avoid, stick to no more than one drink.

#11         Monitoring Your Volume Is Compulsory Slow and steady wins the race. Increase your workout volume in baby steps. Add more weight, sets, and reps and do more frequently. Monitor your progress and pay attention to any setbacks to a certain area.

Muscle growth depends on the workout volume. Do not worry if you go overboard and train in excess. It will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

#12         Make Best Use of Creatine Creatine drives you to drink more water and thereby increases intracellular water retention in muscles. This leads to muscle growth and strength both.

Consider having 3-5 grams daily for a 2-3 month period with a two week off. Never forget that creatine is the tried and most trusted nutrient for mass builders.

#13         Aim to Break Your Own Records For lean and muscular shape we need to force our body to adapt to whatever grilling schedule we plan. Once we try to break our own landmarks our body falls in line and we start getting results.

Now all you should aim is to push the bar higher and higher. The earlier the better and more muscular body is the result.

#14         Liberally Use Intra Workout Drinks Water is beneficial for muscles and to counter the sweat. When you mix your supplement powder with water, you get that double boost when you are about to get drained mid-workout.

When you have come thus far you should have your own mix which works. If not, you can try this one:

1. 1 bottle of Gatorade or 1 scoop carb powder 2. 3-5 gram BCAA

Start drinking it liberally and you will definitely notice the fantastic gains coming your way!

#15         Best time to Eat Carbs is when you Workout Regular exercise increases your metabolism no doubt. When you have carbs before your workout, you also get quick energy boost which helps in your workout. After 30 minutes of your workout, have a wholesome meal having carbs and protein for muscle repair and rebuilding.

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Sleep is the Last but most important Workout

Our bodies grow while we sleep. Sleep also recharges our batteries and gets us ready for the next day’s grueling workout. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours to get maximum benefit of your hard work.

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