12 Essentials Items You Need in Your Gym Bag

There is an old saying “Well prepared is like half battle won” because it shows you prepared you are and this is enough to deter your enemy. Well, here you have to conquer the equipment and benefit your body, not any kingdom. Reaching the gym with your kit bag with essentials you need ensures you don't waste any damn second and are ready to go the moment you enter your place of worship, your gym. Before you leave for the gym, pay close attention and ensure all the essentials exist at their usual place. This helps in knowing if everything is at all missing! We give below the 10 essentials for your gym bag – ready for any weather and any known or unknown condition! 1. Water bottle Water quality is important and you should gulp only from the known source. When drinking there should be no shade of doubt about possible water contamination, else it can ruin your exercising. True, your gym may have drinking water available but you can be never sure about the hygiene maintained by the staff. Muscles need water to grow and why deprive them of this free resource? Remember to take smaller sips throughout your session. 2. Whey Protein /Fat Burner / Mass Gainer Shake in Shaker Bottle Whey protein is excellent for promoting muscle growth and maintenance when coupled with strength training. Hence you should carry your own whey protein shake which provides liquid protein that digests quickly and maintains energy. Many people join the gym for fat loss. They should bring their own Fat Burner Supplement so that they realize their goals pretty quickly. Those looking to gain muscles or gain weight should carry their mass gainer supplement. Many a time the supplement is a high protein weight gainer which they consume instead of the regular whey protein powder. Shaking the bottle ensures your mix dissolves in totality, it also indicates your colleagues how resolute and steadfast you are. Prepare your shake after arriving at the gym. Pre-mixed shake often degrades especially if you travel to the gym from a long distance. 3. Belt Weight lifters should use it before going heavy. You never know when a heavy squat will rear its inviting head. Having one in your kit bag is a wise decision. It can either make or break your successful lifts. 4. Good Quality Clothes If satisfaction is paramount, good clothes should accompany you. Remember to pack breathable, well-fitting clothing. Shorts and vests usually make the dress but ensure they have enough leeway to allow the air to pass through. Along with the clothes, ensure you also pack a couple of towels. Wiping your sweat with your own towel is not only a good idea, it also keeps others' germs away. 5. Deodorizer If your sweat smells a lot, keeping a deodorizer is a good idea too. Derogatory looks from colleagues can sometimes alter your mind. Moreover, a refreshed you will achieve the milestones quickly. 6. Comfortable Shoes Comfortable sports shoes with good ground support and breathable upper is a big necessity. A couple of good shoes in your kit bag makes sense. One pair to wear and one to change, as and when the need arises. 7. Engrossing Music Many people like engrossing music so that can simply focus on their task and forget everything around. Get your type of music and wear the headphones and shut the external world out. Better results follow when people couple exercising with music. 8. Pain Reliever Spray When you cross your limits pain hits earlier than you think. However, there is no need to absorb the pain for long. A pain relieving spray is the quick fix and you can continue then. Keep one in your gym bag. 9. Hand Sanitizer Virus and germs occupy every inch of gym equipment and can easily find way to your insides. Simply washing hands with soap does not deter these living things and so, a hand sanitizer is more than necessary. Not only the sanitizer cleans your hands, it also prevents picking the minute germs from the equipment. 10. Pre-Workout Snack Never arrive at the gym without a snack full of complex carbohydrates and some lean protein. Sometimes you need more than a mouthful of energy and this snack, like a small fruit like a banana or an orange does the job nicely. It will neither fill you to the brim nor allow you to slip from your exercise, for lack of energy. 11. Timer Stop-Watch This makes it easy to keep a real tab on your progress. Many multi-function watches are now available which also monitor your heart rate when lifting weights or doing cardio. Some of these monitors also estimate the total calories burned. Keep one in your gym kit bag and use at the right time for full benefits. 12. Shower Gel If arriving from work, a shower works wonders especially if you have your favourite shower gel. We don't say that the shower gels available at the gym are crap, but why limit yourself on others' choice? This does not take space either as you can conveniently slip the bottle inside your spare shoes. Conclusion Although every body is different, the gym bag should also be unique, reflecting the fitness goals and nature of the person. These fitness must-haves are perfect for anyone and any goal. A filled gym bag presents the person in a perspective which is often envied upon from the colleagues.

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